The Storm Rider, Dragon Roads #2

The Dragon Roads series:

Now for a limited time only — $2.99

Do you dare to walk the Dragon roads in search of treasure and magic? 
You choose your road and claim the adventure!
You are James Longstrider and your father has disappeared, leaving your small elven kingdom and your human mother in danger. Despite your half-blood, you are determined to master your magical heritage--if you have one! You must dare to walk the dragon roads in search of justice and teaching. Along the way you face villains, dragons, storms and one rather raggedy talking cat. Will you master the storms or fall prey to the many dangers your choices lead you to?

Can be read over and over, with new choices and outcomes, an interactive book for the tween reader. 
THE STORM RIDER now available in eBook Stores for only $2.99 for a limited time, get yours today!

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