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Rhondi A. Vilott Salsitz, born in Phoenix, Arizona is a writer of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery novels.
She writes under the names Emily Drake, Anne Knight, Elizabeth Forrest, Charles Ingrid, Rhondi Vilott Salsitz, R.A.V. Salsitz, Rhondi Vilott, Jenna Rhodes, and Rhondi Greening. Rhondi has been writing since she was in 3rd grade. She has published over 50 books and short stories.

Emily Drake is the pen name she chose for the Magickers series, "because drake is another naming for dragon and I thought my readers would appreciate it. A book was my magic carpet to adventure in my years growing up, and I try to pass on the tradition. I’m a full time writer and have raised a blended family: his, mine and our children, any of whom can, have been and will be used as characters in my books." Emily Drake's titles include: The Magickers, The Curse of Arkady, The Dragon Guard, and The Gate of Bones. The following is a bio she included on the jacket of The Curse of Arkady:
"Emily Drake lives in a sand castle by the sea...well, actually, it's a dusty house full of wonderful old books, cats, and a rambunctious cocker spaniel dog. And, on a good day when the smog clears, you can see the Pacific Ocean. When she's not reading or talking with the cats or playing with the dog, she is thinking of Bailey-isms and writing. Somewhere in the house is a grown-up daughter who likes to read and write histories of the fantastic and brings home pottery from class which looks as if it must have been made in another realm, so she fits in extremely well. Emily is married to a nice gentleman who works very hard in the real world and is often a bit bemused by the goings-on in the sand castle but has a good sense of humor about it all. There are other sons and a daughter who are scattered to the Trade Winds but who write and call home often. All in all, a good day is one in which book can be read and written and enjoyed by anyone Emily can reach. At the moment, the dog only considers a book a good chew-toy, but she's hoping he'll outgrow this. Emily does not normally talk about herself like this, but the cats insisted upon it, like royalty."

Other pen names for Rhondi include Charles Ingrid for “soft science” fiction, Elizabeth Forrest and Anne Knight for suspense thrillers, and R.A.V. Salsitz for fantasy for readers of all ages. "My office is shared with a black cocker spaniel and a long-haired Siamese mix cat who tolerate each other and vie to see who gets the cozy space under my desk…him, her, or my feet which belong there! I’ve published more than forty novels with similar office mates urging me on, so it’s no wonder my books are populated with animals of various kinds. It is the hope of all of us involved in the endeavor that you, the reader, will enjoy our imaginations."  Also, be sure to visit the site for gambling nederlandse casino sites

Full Name: Rhondi A. Vilott Salsit
Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona
Graduate: Clarion Workshop ’79 (Michigan State University)
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American
Period: 1982 - current
Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery


R. A. V. Salsitz

  • Dragons Trilogy
  • Where Dragons Lie (1985)
  • Where Dragons Rule (1986)
  • Night of Dragons (1990)
  • Unicorn Dancer
  • The Unicorn Dancer (1986)
  • Daughter of Destiny (1988)

Rhondi Vilott

  • Dragontales
  • Sword Daughter's Quest (1984) - ISBN: 0-451-13082-0
  • Runesword! (1984) - ISBN: 0-451-13083-9
  • Challenge of the Pegasus Grail (1984) - ISBN: 0-451-13084-7
  • The Towers of Rexor (1984) - ISBN: 0-451-13085-5
  • The Unicorn Crown (1984) - ISBN: 0-451-13202-5
  • Shortfiction
  • Persephone (1980)

Jenna Rhodes

  • Elven Ways
  • The Four Forges (2006)
  • The Dark Ferryman (2008)
  • Elven Ways (Supporting Material)
  • Foreword One: On Histories (The Four Forges) (2006)
  • Foreword Two: A Smoking Tale (The Four Forges) (2006)
  • Kerith Timeline (The Four Forges) (2006)
  • Glossary (The Four Forges) (2006)
  • Personae (The Four Forges) (2006)
  • Kerith Timeline (The Dark Ferryman) (2008)
  • Glossary (The Dark Ferryman) (2008)

Emily Drake

  • Magickers
  • The Magickers Chronicles: Volume One (2010)
  • The Magickers Chronicles: Volume Two (2010)
  • The Magickers (2001)
  • The Curse of Arkady (2002)
  • The Dragon Guard (2003)
  • The Gate of Bones (2004)

Charles Ingrid

  • Marked Man
  • The Marked Man Omnibus (2002)
  • The Marked Man (1989)
  • The Last Recall (1991)
  • Patterns of Chaos
  • Patterns of Chaos: Volume Two (2002)
  • Patterns of Chaos: Volume One (2002)
  • Radius of Doubt (1991)
  • Path of Fire (1992)
  • The Downfall Matrix (1994)
  • Soulfire (1995)
  • Sand Wars
  • The Sand Wars: Volume One (2001)
  • The Sand Wars: Volume Two (2001)
  • Solar Kill (1987)
  • Lasertown Blues (1988)
  • Celestial Hit List (1988)
  • Alien Salute (1989)
  • Return Fire (1989)
  • Challenge Met (1990)
  • Shortfiction
  • The Phantom Watch (1991)
  • Burning Bridges (2002)

Elizabeth Forrest

  • Novels
  • Phoenix Fire (1992)
  • The Twilight Gate (1993)
  • Dark Tide (1993)
  • Death Watch (1995)
  • Killjoy (1996)
  • Bright Shadow (1997)
  • Dr. Death (1998)
  • Retribution (1998)
  • Omnibus (Death Watch & Killjoy)
  • At Twilight's Fall (2007)
  • Shortfiction
  • Cold Stone Barrow (1992)

Anne Knight

  • Death Storm (1999)

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